Rooted by the River

RiverStone Group traces its roots back to the late 1800’s, when the company got its start harvesting ice from the Mississippi River, delivering coal for home heating, and offering river boat tours aboard the James Pearson steamboat for locals and travelers to the area.  Since this humble beginning, RiverStone has seen many changes throughout the Quad Cities and has subsequently adapted to suit the needs of its residents.  While RiverStone no longer sells ice and coal, (or provides steam boat tours) today they are recognized as the leading supplier of brick, stone, and building materials within the greater Quad City area.

New location, same great service

In 2017, RiverStone continued their long history of adapting to fit the needs of Quad Citians by purchasing and fully renovating a new warehouse and showroom.  This new space is located only steps from the previous location, just along River Drive in Moline.  With this new, sleek, and stylish 2,500 square foot showroom and 30,000 square foot warehouse, RiverStone is now able to offer a modern space where architects, builders and homeowners alike can view an extensive selection of samples, as well as, collaborate with one another to ensure each and every project is exactly as the owner dreamt it.

RiverStone is owned and operated by the 3rd generation of one of its founding families, with members of the 4th generation now transitioning into major roles as they lead the business into the future.  The family has a strong connection with the Quad Cities and is committed to ensuring it continues for years to come.